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Comment: 6 pages, 2 figures, Talk given at DAFNE 2004: Physics at Meson Factories, Frascati, Italy, June 7-11, 2004
We examine the parametrization of the e+e- -> omega pi0 cross section in the vicinity of the phi resonance and the extraction of the branching fraction of the isospin violating process phi -> omega pi0 from experimental data. We found that there are two possible solutions of the branching fraction, one is 4 times 10^{-5}, and the other is 7 times 10^{-3}. The latter is two orders of magnitude higher than the former, which is the commonly accepted one.
Comment: 10 pages, no figure; IJMPA's Volume No.26, Issue No. 25, Year 2011
Comment: 6 pages, 1 figures(two diagrams), Phys. Lett. B557 (2003) 192-197
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