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A evolução da administração pública nos países desenvolvidos tem-se caracterizado, nas últimas três décadas, por um ímpeto reformista acelerado que ainda hoje se mantém. As propostas que se têm destacado mais recentemente dão um destaque especial à necessidade de focar a administração no serviço ao cidadão e ao respeito pelos princípios democráticos, considerando-se que os princípios da eficácia e da eficiência devem ser os meios, e não os fins, pelos quais se deve prosseguir o interesse público. É no âmbito deste novo foco na cidadania que se elaborou o projecto de um sistema de participação dos jovens na gestão do IPJ, I.P. O sistema de participação que se propõe baseia- se numa plataforma online na qual os jovens poderão discutir e votar, numa posição de igualdade com o IPJ, propostas de decisão de matérias da gestão do Instituto, p...
The evolution of public administration in the developed countries has been characterized, in the last three decades, by an accelerated reformist impetus that still continues today. The proposals that have gained more visibility recently give a special importance to the need of focusing the administration on the service to the citizen and the respect for democratic principles, considering that the principles of efficacy and efficiency should be the means, and not the purposes, by which the public interest should be prosecuted. It’s in the scope of this new focus on citizenship that has been prepared the project of a system of youth participation in the management of IPJ, I.P. (Portuguese Youth Institute). The participation system proposed is based on an online platform in witch young people will be able to discuss and vote, in ...
The Braess paradox, known for traffic and other classical networks, lies in the fact that adding a new route to a congested network in an attempt to relieve congestion can counter-intuitively degrade the overall network performance. Recently, we have extended the concept of Braess paradox to semiconductor mesoscopic networks, whose transport properties are governed by quantum physics. In this paper, we demonstrate theoretically that, alike in classical systems, congestion plays a key role in the occurrence of a Braess paradox in mesoscopic networks.
The effects of drying air inlet temperature (IT) and concentration of Aerosil® 200 (CA) on several properties of spray-dried Apeiba tibourbou extracts were investigated following a 32 full factorial design. Powder recovery varied from 9.83 to 46.95% and dried products showed moisture contents below 7%. Although the spray-dried products lost some of their polyphenols, they still present excellent antioxidant activity, opening perspectives for its use to medicinal purpose. CA exerted a key role on the properties of spray-dried extracts, while IT did not present a significative influence. Aerosil® 200 proved to be an interesting alternative as an excipient for the drying of the herbal extract, even at intermediate concentrations such as 15%. The best combination of conditions to use for obtaining dry A. ti...
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