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We report a novel method for modeling the resonant frequency response of infra-red light, in the range of 2 to 10 microns, reflected from metallic spilt ring resonators (SRRs) fabricated on a silicon substrate. The calculated positions of the TM and TE peaks are determined from the plasma frequency associated with the filling fraction of the metal array and the equivalent LC circuit defined by the SRR elements. The capacitance of the equivalent circuit is calculated using conformal mapping techniques to determine the co-planar capacitance associated with both the individual and the neighbouring elements. The inductance of the equivalent circuit is based on the self-inductance of the individual elements and the mutual inductance of the neighboring elements. The results obtained from the method are in good agreement with experimental res...
Comment: Presented at ETOPIM 8
Transport properties of disordered electron system can be characterized by the conductance, Lyapunov exponent, or level spacing. Two additional parameters, $K_{11}$ and $\gamma $ were introduced recently which measure the non-homogeneity of the spatial distribution of the electron inside the sample. % [Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 82}, 4272 (1999)]. For the orthogonal, unitary and symplectic two dimensional disordered models, we investigate numerically the system size dependence of these parameters in the diffusive and localized regime. Obtained size and disorder dependence of $K_{11}$ and $\gamma$ is in agreement with with single parameter transport theory. In the localized regime, $\gamma\to 0$ independently on the physical symmetry of the model. In the diffusive regime, $\gamma$ equals to the symmetry parameter $\beta$. For the symplecti...
Paper reviews recent numerical data for the conductance distribution of disordered systems in the critical regime and in the localized regime. Of particular interest is the non-analytical form of the critical conductance distribution in the 3D and 4D systems, non-Gaussian form of the distribution of P(ln g) in localized 3D systems.
Comment: 7 pages, 13 .eps figures
Comment: LATEX, 6 .eps figures
Comment: EP2DS-17, Genua 2007, accepted for publication in Physica E
Comment: 7 pages, 9 figures, resubmitted to Physical Review B
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