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The adenovirus major late promoter is strongly activated after the onset of viral DNA replication. Sequence elements located downstream of the major later promoter start site have previously been shown to be essential for this activation. Two proteins (DEF-A and DEF-B) bind to these elements in a late-phase-dependent manner. DEF-B has been identified as the product of adenovirus intermediate gene IVa2 (pIVa2) (C. Tribouley, P. Lutz, A. Staub, and C. Kedinger, J. Virol. 68:4450-4457, 1994). Here we show that pIVa2, while monomeric in solution, binds to its recognition sequence as a dimer and that two 20-residue amphipathic alpha helices play an essential role in this DNA-binding activity. Attempts to purify DEF-A have failed, but its chromatographic behavior, together with its immunological properties, established that pIVa2 is also a c...
Let W be an integrable positive Hermitian q x q -matrix valued function on the dual group of a discrete abelian group G such that W^{-1} is integrable. Generalizing results of T. Nakazi and of A. G. Miamee and M. Pourahmadi for q=1 we establish a correspondence between trigonometric approximation problems in L^2(W) and certain approximation problems in L^2(W^{-1}). The result is applied to prediction problems for q-variate stationary processes over G, in particular, to the case where G is the group of integers Z.
The focal questions of the sub-project „Multimedia location Düsseldorf“ were (1) which factors are responsible for the positive economic development of this location, and (2) has a „multimedia cluster“ been established there, comparable to those known from industrial branches. To answer these questions, 25 in-depth expert interviews were made, additionally statistical and other material as well as the relevant literature was evaluated. The successful economic development of the multimedia location Düsseldorf has four reasons: the strength in advertising- and telecommunication industries, that attracted many firms to settle there, the adjacency to a huge number of customers, the well-developed traffic infrastructure and the wellqualified staff. The influence of powerful actors, the cultural setting and institutions and the right „scene“...
Comment: Swiss Society of Biomedical Engineering, Annual Meeting 2011, Bern, Switzerland
This study examines the option that regional intermediary actors in the new field of Electronic Commerce – focussing on the business-to-business sector – have at hand or use to promote Electronic Commerce. The situation is examined in three different regions in the state of North Rhine Westphalia – Aachen, Dortmund and Bielefeld. Specific supportive strategies are analysed in detail in these three regions on the basis of extensive questioning and secondary analyses. Experts from institutions for the promotion of the economy, from chambers of commerce as well as chambers of artisans on the one hand and selected managers responsible for decision making within enterprises of the goods production and information economy on the other hand are in the centre of attention. The results show that various strategies are applied in these regions t...
We have investigated the functional properties of the product of the adenovirus type 5 gene IX. This gene, which is expressed at intermediate times postinfection, encodes a small polypeptide (pIX) of 140 residues that has previously been shown to be incorporated into the viral capsid. Here, we show that pIX, in addition to its structural contribution, exhibits transcriptional properties. In transient transfection experiments, expression of pIX stimulated adenovirus major late promoter activity. The effect was independent of other viral proteins, but the level of promoter activation appeared strongly pIX dose dependent; similar levels of induction were observed with other cellular or viral TATA-containing (but not with TATA-less) promoters. This promoter specificity could be reproduced in a cell-free transcription system by the addition...
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