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Many pathological processes are associated with excessive neurotransmitter release that leads to the over-stimulation of post-synaptic neurotransmitter receptors. Examples include excessive activation of glutamate receptors in ischemic stroke and hyper-dopaminergic state in schizophrenia and drug addiction. Thus, it would seem that simply antagonizing the involved receptors should be able to correct the pathological condition. In some instances, this strategy has been somewhat effective, such as with the use of dopamine D2 receptor antagonists as antipsychotics in the treatment of positive symptoms of schizophrenia despite severe side effect. However, clinical application of drugs antagonizing glutamate receptor in the treatment of stoke, although attracting intensive research effort, has been restricted by serious side effects cause...
The five countries that lie on the isthmus connecting North and South America have endured a past of colonialism, civil war, and natural disaster. As these countries evolve in the 21st century, growing economies and political peace provide a promising outlook for the citizens of these nations. The media industries in these nations have varying levels of development which are explored in this thesis. Using Michael Porter's 1990 framework and a case study methodology, this thesis explores the differences and similarities of media industries in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and what may be done to ensure future success in an increasingly global world.
This study compares the impact of media ownership, regulation and policy, and technology adoption on the introduction of digital terrestrial television in the United States and Mainland China. Through the use of a case study approach, a qualitative and quantitative examination is given. The results indicate that private group ownership throughout the U.S. digital terrestrial television industry and state ownership in China's television industry lead to the different paths to digital transition. Both governments, however, are deeply involved in respective digital initiatives and play an important role in the implementation from analog to digital. The technical standard adoption in the two countries places the underpinning for the future development of digital television (DTV), which also results in China lagging behind the United States...
An x-ray fluorescence detection system has been designed by our research group for quantifying the amount of gold nanoparticles presented within the phantom and animals during gold nanoparticle-aided cancer detection and therapy procedures. The primary components of the system consist of a microfocus x-ray source, a Pb beam collimator, and a CdTe photodiode detector. In order to optimize and facilitate future experimental tasks, a Monte Carlo model of the detection system has been created by using the MCNP5 code. Specifically, the model included an x-ray source, a Pb collimator, a CdTe detector, and an acrylic plastic phantom with four cylindrical columns where various materials such as gold nanoparticles, aluminum, etc. can be inserted during the experiments. In this model, 110 kVp x-rays emitted into a 60o cone from the focal spot of...
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Plusieurs expériences et études cliniques ont démontré que l’activation du système rénine-angiotensine (RAS) peut induire l’hypertension, un facteur de risque majeur pour les maladies cardiovasculaires et rénales. L’angiotensinogène (Agt) est l’unique substrat du RAS. Cependant, il n’a pas encore été démontré si l’activation du RAS intrarénal peut à elle seule induire des dommages rénaux, indépendamment de l’hypertension systémique, et ainsi jouer un rôle prépondérant dans la progression de la néphropathie diabétique. Afin d’explorer le rôle du RAS intrarénal dans les dommages rénaux, un diabète a été induit par l’injection de streptozotocin chez des souris transgéniques (Tg) surexprimant l’Agt de rat dans les cellules des tubules proximaux du rein (RPTC). Les souris Tg diabétiques ont été traitées soit avec des inhibiteurs du RAS (per...
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