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[[abstract]]New refinement schemes for voice conversion are proposed in this paper. We take mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) as the basic feature and adopt cepstral mean subtraction to compensate the channel effects. We propose S/U/V (Silence/Unvoiced/Voiced) decision rule such that two sets of codebooks are used to capture the difference between unvoiced and voiced segments of the source speaker. Moreover, we apply three schemes to refine the synthesized voice, including pitch refinement with PSOLA, energy equalization, and frame concatenation based on synchronized pitch marks. The satisfactory performance of the voice conversion system can be demonstrated through ABX listening test and MOS grade.
[[abstract]]Abstract澤 Cartesian product network is obtained by applying the cross operation on two graphs. In this paper, we study the problem of constructing the maximum number of edge-disjoint spanning trees (abbreviated to EDSTs) in Cartesian product networks. LetG=(V_G, E_G)be a graph havingn_1EDSTs andF=(V_F, E_F)be a graph havingn_2EDSTs. Two methods are proposed for constructing EDSTs in the Cartesian product ofGandF , denoted byG\times F . The graphGhast_1=|E_G|-n_1(|V_G|-1)more edges than that are necessary for constructingn_1EDSTs in it, and the graphFhast_2=|E_F|-n_2(|V_F|-1)more edges than that are necessary for constructingn_2EDSTs in it. By assuming thatt_1\ge n_1andt_2 \ge n_2 , our first construction shows thatn_1+ n_2EDSTs can be constructed inG \times F . Our second construction does not need any assumption and it con...
[[abstract]]A new photovoltaic material, CuInS2 has been investigated. Mainly due to its direct band gap of 1.5 eV, CuInS2 promises to offer high conversion efficiency as a solar cell. Single crystals are grown by chemical vapor transport. Theoretical calculations and experiments were carried out in order to determine the optimum growth conditions, and later similar calculations were done for heterojunction epitaxial layers. Since properties of CuInS2 are not well known, doping and annealing effects were studied, and methods to determine CuInS2 composition and its impurity contents were developed. Low cost arrays may be constructed in two ways. One way is by employing both RF sputtering and flash evaporation methods. Another way is by tandem cells of very high efficiency to be coupled with concentrators.
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