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We investigate the low temperature magnetic field dependences of both the resistivity and the magnetization in the misfit cobaltate Ca3Co4O9 from 60 K down to 2 K. The measured negative magnetoresistance reveals a scaling behavior with the magnetization which demonstrates a spin dependent diffusion mechanism. This scaling is also found to be consistent with a shadowed metalliclike conduction over the whole temperature range. By explaining the observed transport crossover, this result shed a new light on the nature of the elementary excitations relevant to the transport.
We report on susceptibility measurements in the strongly correlated layered cobalt oxide [BiBa0.66K0.36O2]CoO2, which demonstrate the existence of a magnetic quantum critical point (QCP) governing the electronic properties. The investigated low frequency susceptibility displays a scaling behavior with both the temperature T and the magnetic field B ranging from the high-T non-Fermi liquid down to the low-T Fermi liquid. Whereas the inferred scaling form can be discussed within the standard framework of the quantum critical phenomena, the determined critical exponents suggest an unconventional magnetic QCP of a potentially generic type. Accordingly, these quantum critical fluctuations account for the anomalous logarithmic temperature dependence of the thermopower. This result allows us to conjecture that quantum criticality can be an ...
High quality vanadium sesquioxide V2O3 films (170-1100 {\AA}) were grown using the pulsed laser deposition technique on (0001)-oriented sapphire substrates, and the effects of film thickness on the lattice strain and electronic properties were examined. X-ray diffraction indicates that there is an in-plane compressive lattice parameter (a), close to -3.5% with respect to the substrate and an out-of-plane tensile lattice parameter (c) . The thin film samples display metallic character between 2-300 K, and no metal-to-insulator transition is observed. At low temperature, the V2O3 films behave as a strongly correlated metal, and the resistivity (\rho) follows the equation \rho =\rho_0 + A T^2, where A is the transport coefficient in a Fermi liquid. Typical values of A have been calculated to be 0.14 \mu\Omega cm K^{-2}, which is in agre...
Transport properties of the good thermoelectric misfit oxide Ca$_3$Co$_4$O$_9$ are examined. In-plane resistivity and Hall resistance measurements were made on epitaxial thin films which were grown on {\it c}-cut sapphire substrates using the pulsed laser deposition technique. Interpretation of the in-plane transport experiments relates the substrate-induced strain in the resulting film to single crystals under very high pressure ($\sim$ 5.5 GPa) consistent with a key role of strong electronic correlation. They are confirmed by the measured high temperature maxima in both resistivity and Hall resistance. While hole-like charge carriers are inferred from the Hall effect measurements over the whole investigated temperature range, the Hall resistance reveals a non monotonic behavior at low temperatures that could be interpreted with an ...
V2O3 thin films about 10 nm thick were grown on Al2O3 (0001) by pulsed laser deposition. The XRD analysis is in agreement with R-3c space group. Some of them exhibit the metal / insulator transition characteristic of V2O3 bulk material and others samples exhibit a metallic behavior. For the latter, the XPS analysis indicates an oxidation state of +III for vanadium. There is no metal / insulator transition around 150 K in this sample and a strongly correlated Fermi liquid rho = AT2 behavior of the resistivity at low temperature is observed, with a value of A of 1.2 10-4 ohm cm, 3 times larger than the bulk value at 25 kbar.
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