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Comment: 10 pages. Summary talk of IAU Symp. 250, Massive Stars as Cosmic Engines, Kauai (HI), 12/2007, ed. F. Bresolin, P. Crowther, & J. Puls
Comment: 8 pages, invited talk given at the conference "Probing Stellar Populations out to the Distant Universe", Cefalu (Italy), September 7 - 19, 2008. To be published in the AIP Conf. Proc. Series
Comment: To appear in "Hot And Cool: Bridging Gaps in Massive Star Evolution", eds. C. Leitherer, Ph. D. Bennett, P. W. Morris & J. Th. van Loon (San Francisco: ASP)
Comment: 8 pages, to appear in IAU Symp. 262, Stellar Populations - Planning for the Next Decade, eds. G. Bruzual & S. Charlot
Comment: 8 pages, to appear in UP2010: Have Observations Revealed a Variable Upper End of the Initial Mass Function?, M. Treyer, J. C. Lee, M. H. Seibert, T. Wyder, & D. Neill, eds
Comment: 14 pages, invited talk presented at IWSSL 2011, Delhi (India), December 2011. To be published in Astronomical Society of India Conference Series (ASICS), P. Prugniel and H. P. Singh (Editors)
Comment: 6 pages, 3 figures; in IMF@50, ed. E. Corbelli, F. Palla, & H. Zinnecker (Dordrecht: Kluwer), in press
Comment: 16 pages, 6 figures. Invited review talk. To be published in "The Evolution of Starbursts", ed. S. Huettemeister & E. Manthey (Melville: AIP), in press
Comment: 8 pages, 3 figures, Invited Talk, Starbursts--From 30 Doradus to Lyman-Break Galaxies, ed. R. de Grijs & R. M. Gonzalez Delgado (Dordrecht: Kluwer)
Comment: 20 pages, pdf file; Invited Review presented at "The Spectral Energy Distribution of Gas Rich Galaxies", Heidelberg (Germany), October 2004 To be published in The Spectral Energy Distribution of Gas Rich Galaxies, ed. C. Popescu & R. Tuffs (Melville: AIP), in press
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