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We discuss the electrical properties of hafnium silicates with various composition deposited by atomic vapor deposition (AVD) as metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) capacitors. The deposited layers demonstrate well-behaved capacitance as function of gate voltage (CV) curves with a leakage as low as 5 X 10(-2) for an equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) of 1.3 nm. The permittivity (k-value) ranges from 6 to 14 depending on the composition of the hafnium silicate. Flatband voltage depends on the composition (and thickness) and varies between -0.10 and 0.45 V, from which we calculated the amount of net charge in the layer, between (-6 +/- 3)X10(11) and (20 +/- 3)X10(11)/cm(2). Postdeposition treatments at 800 degrees C in O-2 or NH3 shift the V-FB position up to 100 mV, together with a change of the amount of net charge. Fine-tuning the depositio...
Rare-earth scandate materials have been identified as candidates for gate dielectrics in metal oxide semiconductor transistors because of their high thermal stability against crystallization in combination with a high-dielectric constant. In this study, tris(1-methoxy-2-methyl-2-propoxy)dysprosium [Dy(mmp)(3)] and Sc(mmp)(3) are evaluated as metallorganic chemical vapor deposition precursors for deposition of DyxScyOz on silicon at moderate temperatures (450-600 degrees C). These temperatures allow easy integration into a standard transistor flow. The layers are uniform with a close to bulk density and smooth top surface. Electrical characterization measurements shows a gate leakage current of 1.8x10(-5) A/cm(2) at 4.5 V for an equivalent oxide thickness of 2.0 nm. Limited hysteresis (9 mV) and frequency dispersion (3% difference in ac...
A systematic study about the flatband voltage (V-fb) shift of Ru gated metal-oxide-semiconductor stacks after thermal treatment in O-2 has been performed. The dependence of the V-fb shift on the anneal time and temperature and the thickness of Ru was studied in detail, and a clear link between the V-fb shift and an oxygen diffusion process in Ru was observed. A high temperature thermal treatment of the devices prior to the O-2 anneal has no significant impact on the V-fb shift. The V-fb shift is ascribed to the shift of metal gates' work function, and is not intrinsic to HfO2 gated stacks as similar behavior was also observed on SiO2, from the combination of internal photoemission and conventional capacitance-voltage measurement. No similar V-fb shift was observed for TiN gated stacks and the V-fb shift seems to be more related to the ...
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