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The ATLAS Collaboration at the LHC continues investigating the possibility to detect particles predicted by Little Higgs models. In this talk, the latest results on the Z/W h decays and on the hadronic decays of the new gauge bosons Z_H/W_H are reviewed.
Comment: 30 pages, 6 figures. Uses revtex and epsf
We review and update as many as possible indirect limits on SUSY Rp violating couplings lambda and lambda'. We consider about 25 experimental measurements and compare them to their expectation value in the standard model. We find more stringent limits on almost all of the parameters
Deux ans après son démarrage, le plus grand collisionneur de particules du monde apporte de nouveaux éléments de réponse à des questions fondamentales encore non résolues, telles que " quelle est l'origine de la masse des particules ? ". Nous exposons ici les conclusions les plus marquantes d'une première moisson de résultats obtenus par les expériences ATLAS et CMS.
We study a purely leptonic signature of the Randall-Sundrum scenario with Standard Model fields in the bulk at LHC: the contribution from the exchange of Kaluza-Klein (KK) excitations of gauge bosons to the clear Drell-Yan reaction. We show that this contribution is detectable (even with the low luminosities of the LHC initial regime) for KK masses around the TeV scale and for sufficiently large lepton couplings to KK gauge bosons. Such large couplings can be compatible with ElectroWeak precision data on the Zff coupling in the framework of the custodial O(3) symmetry recently proposed, for specific configurations of lepton localizations (along the extra dimension). These configurations can simultaneously reproduce the correct lepton masses, while generating acceptably small Flavour Changing Neutral Current (FCNC) effects. This LHC phe...
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