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The paper advocates the use of a statistical tool dedicated to the exploration of data samples populated by several sources of events. This new technique, called sPlot, is able to unfold the contributions of the different sources to the distribution of a data sample in a given variable. The sPlot tool applies in the context of a Likelihood fit which is performed on the data sample to determine the yields of the various sources.
The Standard Model constraints on alpha which can be derived from the B-> pipi decays are revisited in some depth. As experimental inputs, the three branching ratios, the two CP parameters Spipi and Cpipi and/or the value of alpha as determined by the global CKM fit are used. The constraints discussed here are model independent in the sense that they rely only on Isospin symmetry, following the Gronau-London proposal. A new bound on B00 and the function C00(B00) are introduced. The Grossman-Quinn bound is rediscussed. A close form expression is given for alpha as a function of the measurements. Various scenarii for the future of the isospin analysis are explored. To probe the Standard Model the (B00,C00) plane is introduced.
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