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We present a complete 1-loop study of the electroweak corrections to the process $ug\to dW^+$ in MSSM and SM. The occurrence of a number of remarkable properties in the behavior of the helicity amplitudes at high energies is stressed, and the crucial role of the virtual SUSY contributions in establishing them, is emphasized. The approach to asymptopia of these amplitudes is discussed, comparing the effects of the logarithmic and constant contributions to the mass suppressed ones, which are relevant at lower energies. Applying crossing to $ug\to d W^+$, we obtain all subprocesses needed for the 1-loop electroweak corrections to $W^\pm$-production at LHC. The SUSY model dependence in such a production is then studied, and illustrations are given for the transverse $W^{\pm}$ momentum distribution.
Through the present paper, the code gamgamZZ is presented, which may be used to calculate all possible observables related to the process $\gamma \gamma \to ZZ$, in either the Standard Model (SM), or the minimal sypersymmetric standard model (MSSM) with real parameters.
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Possible oblique effects from vector particles that are strongly coupled to the known gauge bosons are calculated for the case of final hadronic states produced at future $e^+e^-$ colliders, using a formalism that was recently proposed and that exploits the information and the constraints provided by LEP 1 results. Combining the hadronic channels with the previously analysed leptonic ones we derive improved limits for the masses of the resonances that,in technicolour-like cases, would range from one to two TeV for a 500 GeV linear collider, depending on the assumed theoretical constraints.
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