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The Lexicon of Online and Distance Learning is the pivotal reference book for teachers, educational administrators, technical support personnel, and student who make use of distance education as their primary modality for teaching and learning. With over 800 citations from some 150 respected authors representing the disciplines of education, technology, instructional technology, and distance education, the Lexicon of Online and Distance Learning is intended to become the foremost record for professionals interested in exploiting this newest, and arguably most inexhaustible, media for learning.
This report describes the model of a system comprised of a cantilever beam bilaterally constrained at the tip where the spacing between the beam and the stop was varied. The purpose of this work was to model the system, simulate it, and validate the numerical results with experimental data. It is important to mention that it is not the purpose of this work to obtain point-wise correspondence between the two systems, model and physical, but to obtain an algorithm that can be easily modified to study key parameters, such as clearance between beam and stop, impact stiffness and energy dissipation. To verify the piecewise-smooth simulation algorithm, three stop cases are considered. With each kind of stop, different information is obtained about the system. With the first setup, wherein transducers were used as stops, it was possible to me...
Similar methods are then applied to active combined systems wherein discrete control forces are generated by linear feedback of measured displacements and velocities. The greater generality of these systems gives rise to a number of interesting features not seen in the passive case. Particular attention is paid to the problem of pole placement by displacement feedback and to the effect of velocity feedback upon transient response and stability.
A new method is presented for the synthesis of dynamic Green's functions of complex distributed parameter systems from previously known Green's functions of their elemental substructures. The method allows for the incorporation of both discrete and distributed constraints into the formulation and is also applicable to systems having a multiplicity of distributed substructures. A number of applications are examined, including Timoshenko beams, beam-stiffened thin rectangular plates, and sandwiched beams and plates.
Because infants are the most vulnerable members of a community, their deaths – and the resulting infant mortality rate (IMR) – are said to signal more fundamental problems that are likely to affect the general health of a community. However, a focus on proximate- and intermediate-level risk factors in epidemiological analyses presents a decontextualized picture and ignores the role of larger forces on health, disease, and illness. In response to this trend, this project will contribute to a revitalization of the use of infant mortality as an index of larger social problems by tempering statistical analyses with critical reflection regarding the effects of the liminal position of Malta within the British imperial system, prior to the Second World War. In addition, by bringing together several analytic approaches which often proceed i...
This dissertation investigates two research questions arising from the regulation of internal controls required by Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). The first research question asks whether better internal controls can enhance firm performance? To address this question, the relation between market-value and internal control is estimated by a residual income model. Firms with weak internal controls are identified as those that disclose material weaknesses in internal controls in periodic filings from August 2002 to March 2006, as required by SOX. The empirical results, based on a sample of 708 firm-years with the disclosures of material weaknesses, show that firms with weak internal controls have lower market-value. Building on the' efforts for SOX to improve internal controls, more and more firms are starting to adopt Enterprise Ri...
Prior research recognizes that there is a positive relation between financial reporting quality and investment efficiency. The primary object of this dissertation is to examine how financial reporting quality in multiple consecutive years impacts investment efficiency. I use material weaknesses in internal control (MW) as a proxy for poor financial reporting quality and I examine the impact of poor financial reporting quality in multiple consecutive years using an OLS regression model. The results indicate there is a progressively negative impact on investment efficiency tied to the number of consecutive years in which firms report MW. Additionally, I examine whether investment specific financial reporting quality issues have a greater impact on investment efficiency than all other types of financial reporting quality issues. My result...
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