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Apollo spacecraft, discussing performance of Command and Service Module with typical payloads
Algorithms incorporating 3D information have proven to be superior to purely 2D approaches in many areas of computer vision including face biometrics and recognition. Still, the range of methods for feature extraction from 3D surfaces is limited. Very popular in 2D image analysis, active contours have been generalized to curved surfaces only recently. Current implementations require a global surface parametrisation. We show that a balloon force cannot be included properly in existing methods, making them unsuitable for applications with noisy data. To overcome this drawback we propose a new algorithm for evolving geodesic active contours on implicit surfaces. We also introduce a new narrowband scheme which results in linear computational complexity. The performance Of Our model is illustrated on various real and synthetic 3D surfaces.
Plutonium-beryllium source neutron dating in water and mixtures of tungsten rods and water
We explore the electric-field effect of carbon nanotubes (NTs) in electrolytes. Due to the large gate capacitance, Fermi energy shifts of order +/- 1 V can be induced, enabling to tune NTs from p to n-type. Consequently, large resistance changes are measured. At zero gate voltage the NTs are hole doped in air with E_F ? 0.3-0.5 eV, corresponding to a doping level of ? 10^{13} cm^{-2}. Hole-doping increases in the electrolyte. This hole doping (oxidation) is most likely caused by the adsorption of oxygen in air and cations in the electrolyte.
While the concept of the Neurovascular Unit (NVU) is increasingly considered for exploring mechanisms of tissue damage in ischemic stroke, immunohistochemical analyses are of interest to specifically visualize constituents like the endothelium. Changes in immunoreactivity have also been discussed to reflect functional aspects, e.g., the integrity of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This study aimed to characterize the endothelial barrier antigen (EBA) as addressed by the antibody SMI-71 in a rat model of embolic stroke, considering FITC-albumin as BBB leakage marker and serum levels of BBB-associated matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) to explore its functional significance. Five and 25 h after ischemia onset, regions with decreased BBB integrity exhibited a reduction in number and area of EBA-immunopositive vessels, while the stained area ...
Terrestrial mud volcanoes (TMVs) represent geochemically diverse habitats with varying sulfur sources and yet sulfur cycling in these environments remains largely unexplored. Here we characterized the sulfur-metabolizing microorganisms and activity in four TMVs in Azerbaijan. A combination of geochemical analyses, biological rate measurements and molecular diversity surveys (targeting metabolic genes aprA and dsrA and SSU ribosomal RNA) supported the presence of active sulfur-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing guilds in all four TMVs across a range of physiochemical conditions, with diversity of these guilds being unique to each TMV. The TMVs varied in potential sulfate reduction rates (SRR) by up to four orders of magnitude with highest SRR observed in sediments where in situ sulfate concentrations were highest. Maximum temperatures at wh...
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