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We study local oxidation induced by dynamic atomic force microscopy (AFM), commonly called TappingMode AFM. This minimizes the field induced forces, which cause the tip to blunt, and enables us to use very fine tips. We are able to fabricate Ti/TiOx line grids with 18 nm period and well defined isolating barriers as small as 15 nm. These junctions show a non-linear current-voltage characteristic and an exponential dependence of the conductance on the oxide width, indicating tunneling as the dominant conduction mechanism. From the conductance - barrier width dependence we derive a barrier height of 178 meV. Numerical calculations of the lateral field distribution for different tip geometries allow to design the optimum tip for the most localised electric field. The electron-beam-deposition (EBD) technique makes it possible to actually...
Comment: Mauterndorf Winterschool-2008 proceedings; as published
The photocurrent properties of freely suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are investigated as a function of uniaxial strain. We observe that at low strain, the photocurrent signal of the CNTs increases for increasing strain, while for large strain, the signal decreases, respectively. We interpret the non-monotonous behavior by a superposition of the influence of the uniaxial strain on the resistivity of the CNTs and the effects caused by Schottky contacts between the CNTs and the metal contacts.
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