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Connected to the Pacific Ocean by the Golden Gate channel, the San Francisco Bay accommodates a widely spread field of sandwaves that show large spatial variations which are not yet fully understood. Insight into the formation of sandwaves is necessary to understand and predict the processes that control sand transport and sedimentation patterns in San Francisco Bay. When aiming at predicting large scale morphodynamic processes within a time span of years, a numerical model is imperative. The aim of this research is to study the capability of DELFT3D to model the sandwaves using a 2Dv-model, with emphasis on assessing the formation mechanisms. The model is built using a sinusoidal shaped bed level and flow velocities with large temporal variations (max. of 2.00 ms-1). Analysis of results focuses on two main aspects: sandwave equilibriu...
‘The absence of a terminology is not a problem of the absence of truth for things that cannot be named, but the problem of the incompatibility in principle between, on the one hand, the need to order and, on the other, the result of an ordering, as this incompatibility is expressed in the procedure of particular inclusion and exclusion’. [Kooistra, 1988]. This quote represents the dilemma De Zeeuw was – and still is - trying to by-pass during his scientific life. How to judge the quality of reasoning in the social sciences whereas you are part of the same system? Flowing was written on the occasion of the superannuation of De Zeeuw. It is showing the kind of escape from this dilemma that systems theory is offering. At least the kind of escape De Zeeuw is offering from his view of systems theory. Flowing refers to a special kind of syst...
This paper is about a (supposed) myth which tells the creation of man in reverse order. It is not man being the crown on creation, but the (by) product of a complicated process. The myth simply is called autonomy. The elements of the myth show the backside of human knowledge and with that the connective points of the usual theoretical notions in science. Scientific knowledge is "suspended on something" and by means of a special construction (afore mentioned myth) one can see the anchorage. In that way the paper goes into theoretical initiatives currently undertaken (EMCSR Vienna 1992) to broaden the insights in system theory and cybernetics, especially the construction of theory concerning the (meaning of) chaos.
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