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Magstream separation process has been used as a method for both laboratory and plant mineral separations. It is based on the idea of using a fluid whose effective density is magnetically derived. The separator can be applied to both purely gravimetric separation of non-magnetic materials and magnetic-gravimetric separation of paramagnetic material. A model 100 separator is portable and suitable for analysing small batch samples. It has a selectivity at best ± .1 SG units which may cause a lower grade of products in separation of material with small SG differential. It has been evaluated for mineral sand separations application. Its particularly effective separations were quartz/heavy mineral concentrate, kyanite/zircon, monazite/zircon and rutile/zircon.
Investigation of a breakage probability model published by Vogel and Peukert [Vogel, L. and Peukert, W., 2004. Determination of material properties relevant to grinding by practicable labscale milling tests. Int. J. Miner. Process., 74S, 329-338] has led to a modification of their model to describe the degree of impact breakage, t(10). The modified model takes a form similar to the JKMRC prior art breakage model, but with particle size and breakage properties incorporated explicitly in the model. The present breakage model was validated using eight sets of detailed drop weight test data on various types of ore and quarry material over a wide range of impact specific energies and particle sizes. The validation revealed that the present breakage model fits all the data sets well with fewer model parameters. The results from the val...
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