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Previous studies suggest that increases in adenosine (ADO) may mediate the protective effects ischemic preconditioning (PC). We tested this hypothesis using an open-chest, isoflurane anesthetized micropig model and six experimental groups: (1) control underwent 60 minutes of coronary artery occlusion (CAO) and 3 hours of reperfusion (REP), (2) preconditioned (PC) with 10 minutes of CAO and REP prior to sustained CAO, (3) pentostatin (PS, 2-deoxycoformycin, 0.2 mg/Kg IV 30$\sp\prime$ prior to CAO), an inhibitor of adenosine deaminase (ADA), (4) PS treatment with pacing of heart rates, (5) PD 126,280 (5.0 $\mu$g/kg IV 20$\sp\prime$ prior to CAO), an A1 selective adenosine receptor agonist, and (6) 8-sulfophenyl theophilline (SPT, 5.0 $\mu$g/kg IV 10$\sp\prime$ prePC), a non-specific adenosine receptor antagonist. Infarct size was determi...
A document discusses a fault-tolerant, self-aware, low-power, multi-core computer for space missions with thousands of simple cores, achieving speed through concurrency. The proposed machine decides how to achieve concurrency in real time, rather than depending on programmers. The driving features of the system are simple hardware that is modular in the extreme, with no shared memory, and software with significant runtime reorganizing capability. The document describes a mechanism for moving ongoing computations and data that is based on a functional model of execution. Because there is no shared memory, the processor connects to its neighbors through a high-speed data link. Messages are sent to a neighbor switch, which in turn forwards that message on to its neighbor until reaching the intended destination. Except for the neighbor con...
This study examines, through empirical analysis, whether the Schumpeter hypothesis that the amount of R&D activities by firms increases more than proportionately with firm size can be directly applied to the information and telecommunications industry of South Korea. The results of this study indicate that small and medium-sized firms are more active than large-sized firms in R&D activities in the information and telecommunications industry. Copyright 2000 by Kluwer Academic Publishers
This report outlines a market analysis of the Australian bush tomato (Solanum centrale) and wattle seed (Acacia spp) products. The project was commissioned to explicitly characterise and map the Australian bush tomato and wattle seed value chains from production through to domestic distribution and final consumption, and to identify and evaluate high value market segments that might be used to focus the business developments associated with these two products. The following criteria were investigated in some detail: Industry stakeholders and activities, product creation and delivery, financial conditions, information conditions, incentives, motivators and drivers, and governance conditions. The analysis has shown that demand for bush food products in general has grown in the last two years, and that currently, bush tomato (BT) is...
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