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Comment: Proceeding of MTSC2000 conference held in Klosters (31-3,6-4 2000)
Neutron diffraction has been used to determine the magnetic structure of Na$_8$Cu$_5$O$_{10}$, a stoichiometric compound containing chains based on edge-sharing CuO$_4$ plaquettes. The chains are doped with 2/5 hole per Cu site and exhibit long-range commensurate charge order with an onset well above room temperature. Below $T_N = 23$ K, the neutron data indicate long-range collinear magnetic order with a spin density modulation whose propagation vector is commensurate along and incommensurate perpendicular to the chains. Competing interchain exchange interactions are discussed as a possible origin of the incommensurate magnetic order.
The momentum and temperature dependence of the lifetimes of acoustic phonons in the elemental superconductors Pb and Nb was determined by resonant spin-echo spectroscopy with neutrons. In both elements, the superconducting energy gap extracted from these measurements was found to converge with sharp anomalies originating from Fermi-surface nesting (Kohn anomalies) at low temperatures. The results indicate electron many-body correlations beyond the standard theoretical framework for conventional superconductivity. A possible mechanism is the interplay between superconductivity and spin- or charge-density-wave fluctuations, which may induce dynamical nesting of the Fermi surface.
Comment: 4 pages with 4 figures and EPAPS supplementary online material (3 pages with 4 figures), accepted in Phys. Rev. Lett
Single-crystal neutron diffraction has been used to determine the incommensurate magnetic structure of NaCu2O2, a compound built up of chains of edge-sharing CuO4 plaquettes. Magnetic structures compatible with the lattice symmetry were identified by a group-theoretical analysis, and their magnetic structure factors were compared to the experimentally observed Bragg intensities. In conjunction with other experimental data, this analysis yields an elliptical helix structure in which both the helicity and the polarization plane alternate among copper-oxide chains. This magnetic ground state is discussed in the context of the recently reported multiferroic properties of other copper-oxide chain compounds.
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