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The current study explored the difficulties faced by children exposed to multiple family-level risk factors, and examined the possibility that having one or more supportive relationships in their lives buffered the negative effects of these risks. Data from an ongoing longitudinal study, the MAKE IT! (Mother’s and Kids’ Experiences in Transition) Project were used for this dissertation study. Mother completed a face-to-face interview reporting on their marriage, separation, and divorce, several demographic factors, their mental and physical health and that of their children. The sample for the current study consisted of 103 children ages 3 to 17 (50% female). A cumulative risk score was created based on 9 family-level factors (e.g., low parental education, below poverty level, poor maternal mental health). Child adjustment was measured...
Implicit extrapolation methods for the solution of partial differential equations are based on applying the extrapolation principle indirectly. Multigrid tau-extrapolation is a special case of this idea. In the context of multilevel finite element methods, an algorithm of this type can be used to raise the approximation order, even when the meshes are nonuniform or locally refined. Here previous results are generalized to the variable coefficient case and thus become applicable for nonlinear problems. The implicit extrapolation multigrid algorithm converges to the solution of a higher order finite element system. This is obtained without explicitly constructing higher order stiffness matrices but by applying extrapolation in a natural form within the algorithm. The algorithm requires only a small change of a basic low order multigrid m...
Novel micro patterning techniques have been developed for the patterning of volatile functional materials which cannot be conducted by conventional photolithography. First, in order to create micro patterns of volatile materials (such as bio-molecules and organic materials), micro-contact printing and shadow mask methods are investigated. A novel micro-contact printing technique was developed to generate micro patterns of volatile materials with variable size and density. A PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) stamp with 2-dimensional pyramidal tip arrays has been fabricated by anisotropic silicon etching and PDMS molding. The variable size of patterns was achieved by different external pressures on the PDMS stamp. A novel inking process was developed to enhance the uniformity and repeatability in micro-contact printing. The variable density of...
The present study examines the production technology of South Korean manufacturing by linking TFP growth to parameters of a translog cost function. The sources of a productivity growth in 22 industrial sectors were identified by decomposing the measured growth in TFP into technology, returns to scale and capital utilization for the 1963--83 period. The study shows that first, the major source of the rapid growth of Korean manufacturing was the growth of factor inputs (labor, capital, and materials); second, the returns to scale accounted for half of the growth in TFP: and third, technical change contributed 45 percent of TFP growth, while capital utilization accounted for only a small portion of TFP growth. [D 24]
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Accelerated life test sampling plan Weibull distribution Time-censored Failure-censored Nonconstant shape parameter
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