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Experimental bladder tumors were induced in rat by oral administration of BBN and investigations were performed concerning histological changes in the bladder and changes with time in the mitogen response of the lymphocytes of rats treated with carcinogen and immunostimulating agent. BBN was dissolved in deionized water as a 0.05% solution and administered, ad libitum, to the Fischer Strain Rats for 12 weeks. Levamisole was used as immunostimulating agent. 180 rats were devided to 6 groups. The first group was a control group which did not receive neither BBN nor Levamisole. The second group received BBN only and the 3-6th groups received both BBN and Levamisole. The third group received Levamisole at a dose of I mg/kg of body weight every day from 8 to 25 weeks after the beginning of experiment. The 4-6th groups received at a dose of ...
Comment: 8 pages, The earlier versions contain mistakes at the title and Theorem 5.2 in ver 2 (: Theorem 4.2 in ver 1)
Comment: 6 pages. Typos in mappings were corrected, Revised the title
Comment: 10 pages, second version: Revised calculations mainly concerned with outside Reidemeister moves
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