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Paper presented at the University Council of Educational Administration's Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, November 11, 2005
Math Concepts: First Language and Second Language, presented November 4, 2005
This quantitative study derived from an on-going federal experimental research project targeting Spanish-speaking English language learners (ELLs) receiving services in four program models: control/experimental transitional bilingual education (TBE) and control/experimental structured English immersion (SEI). The purpose of my study was (a) to capture the growth trajectory and rate of oral English acquisition, (b) to investigate the role of oral English development in acquiring English reading skills, and (c) to compare program models in order to identify practices that promote ELLs’ English oral and reading competency at the early elementary level. Structural equation modeling was utilized. Participants consisted of 534 Spanish-speaking ELLs who started at kindergarten and continued through first grade in their respective models. Stri...
A path model of second language (L2; English) oral language and reading comprehension variables was tested on a sample of 100 Spanish-speaking English-language learners enrolled in a transitional bilingual program over a 3-year period. The data collected were a part of a longitudinal, federally funded experimental project entitled English Language and Literacy Acquisition (Project ELLA). The purpose of this study was (a) to test a path model on discrete L2 academic language proficiency variables on L2 reading comprehension, (b) to test a path model on discrete L2 academic language proficiency variables and L2 reading comprehension on L1 reading comprehension, and (c) to compare the influence of L2 language development on reading comprehension development in L2 and L1 between students enrolled in transitional bilingual education experim...
The psychometric properties of the Hispanic Bilingual Gifted Screening Instrument (HBGSI) were investigated in this study. The participants in the study were a part of a large 4-year longitudinal randomized study titled English Language and Literacy Acquisition (Project ELLA), which focused on an urban school district located in. The purpose of this study was to investigate (a) the inter-rater reliability of HBGSI data for Hispanic students over a 4-year period of time; (b) the concurrent validity of the HBGSI and the WLPB-R Verbal Analogies subtests measured at the kindergarten level; (c) what clusters best predicted the NNAT over a 4-year period (K-3); and (d) what clusters best predicted the WLPB-R Verbal Analogies subtest at the kindergarten level in English and Spanish. Results demonstrated further validation of the psychometric p...
English-language learners (ELLs) demonstrate lower levels of English reading proficiency than do native English-speaking students. Oral reading fluency (ORF), the number of words read correctly in 1 min, is one indicator of reading proficiency. Within second language (L2) reading research, there have been few studies of L2 ORF development. The purposes of this study were to: (a) model the trajectory (i.e., initial status and growth) of English ORF in Grades 2 and 3 for Spanish-speaking ELLs in bilingual education programs, and (b) determine the effect of a 4-year structured intervention in English language and reading on L2 ORF development. Data were archived from Project ELLA, a longitudinal, randomized study documenting ELLs' acquisition of English language and reading from kindergarten through third grade. Data included 1,470 obser...
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