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Experimental results are presented on the pair production from high-energy photons (40–150 GeV) incident on a 0.5 mm Ge single crystal around the 〈110〉 axis. The observed enhancement increases from around 1 at threshold (40 GeV) to 7 at 1 50 GeV for photons aligned with the axis. Also the angilar dependence and the differential e+/e spectra have been studied. For photons aligned with the axis, the results are in good agreement with calculations based on the constant field approximation.
The first results from a broad angular beam experiment on emission of high-energy photons from 170 GeV electrons and positrons are presented. The targets were 0.5 mm thick Si and Ge crystals. A dramatic enhancement in the emitted radiation is found for angles of incidence close to the 〈110〉 axis. The experimental results are compared to a constant-field cascade calculation.
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