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Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the impact that the unique organisational structure of the farming business had on farming families' wellbeing. Due to a lack of research in the area and available relevant measures, this study is also part of a process to adapt, develop and validate measures of work family conflict, stressors, and coping that are relevant for farming families of Australia. This presentation will show findings from the interview and item reduction stages of the study. Methods: Interviews (N=53) were conducted and analysed using a combination of grounded theory and content analysis, predefined major categories with subcategories were generated from the interview data. The Item Reduction Study included participants from across Australia and involved a survey that asked participants to rate items for relevanc...
This paper begins by stressing the need for a more critical approach to the work of Katherine Mansfield, accounts of which tend often to rely on purely biographical material. After discussing the relative failure of In a German Pension, which is attributed to a want of focus in the narrative point of view, the essay goes on to suggest that, in the later work, the twin techniques of highlighting and epiphany (the privileging of certain lyrical moments of symbolic vision) enable Katherine Mansfield to construct more satisfactory narratives in which judgements are implied rather than stated. Without denying the importance of Mansfield's personal experiences as source material, or the relatively well-documented influence of Chekhov, the paper stresses the importance in her development of early-century literary theory and practice, especial...
Segmented labour market theory rests on two central tenets. The first is that it is meaningful to distinguish between primary labour markets providing "good" jobs with high wages and stable employment and secondary labour markets providing "bad" jobs with low pay and unstable employment. The second is that jobs in primary labour markets are rationed, with substantial barriers to entry from secondary labour markets. The rationing hypothesis cannot be tested for Ireland with the data available, but here we test the hypothesis that wage determination differs across sectors, using data from a 1987 ESRI household survey. Two formulations of the segmented labour market model are tested, one distinguishing only primary and secondary sectors and the other distinguishing four sectors employed in recent US research by Gordon. Estimating standard...
Communications channels which have unknown, time-varying parameters frequently arise in practice. In certain instances, such as in jammed channels, the duration of memory is not known, and memory is not known, and may also be time-varying. Most models of jammed channels which appear in the literature, however, assume that the jammer is restricted to memoryless jamming techniques; this restriction is usually rationalized by arguing that the use of interleaving by the transmitter is sufficient to destroy channel memory. In this paper, the ability of interleaving to eliminate channel memory is investigated by comparing the capacity of jammed channels with memory and random interleaving with that of similar memoryless, jammed channels.
The random coding capacity of a vector Gaussian arbitrarily varying channel (VGAVC) is determined, along with a simple general method for computing this capacity. The VGAVC is a discrete-time memoryless vector channel with an input power constraint and additive Gaussian noise that is further corrupted by an additive "jamming signal." The statistics of this jamming signal are unknown and may be arbitrary subject only to a power constraint.
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