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In 1998 we introduced Ommat. Ommat is an educational programme / university training on the Internet bringing students to the insight into how science works under the articulation of ICT, pursuing this aim by means of ICT. This programme is written in Dutch but could do its job in any language that is in use by scientists. [Kooistra & Hopstaken, 2000]. The name of the programme is an abbreviation. In Dutch language it refers to the daily practice of dealing with scientific sources.
The title heading this paper Being@ keep company with electronic evedence is referring to an university training on the Internet which is processing insight into how science 'works' (in the active sense of the word) under the articulation of information- and communication technology (ICT) and pursuing this aim by means of ICT. The programme is called Ommat. It connects ideas we put forward in earlier work [Kooistra et al., 2000]. There we concluded that the paper sources and the networks of paperpresenting scientists as they existed during the 20e era, will vanish and that we are facing an outward oriented ICT-methodology which can handle the situation of being connected the digital way. The consequence of the ICT methodology, we say, is that one is persistent at an address (being@) in a process of growing intelligence. One is (part of...
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