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Comment: This paper has been withdrawn by the authors
An application of the equation proposed by the present authors, which is equivalent to the static field equation of the Faddeev model, is discussed. Under some assumptions on the space and on the form of the solution, the field equation is reduced to a non-linear ODE of second order. By solving this equation numerically, some solitonic solutions are obtained. It is discussed that the product of two integers specifying solutions may be identified with the Hopf topological invariant.
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The interrelation between Ferreira's Hopf solitons of a conformal nonlinear $\sigma$ model and the electromagnetic knots found by Ra$\tilde{\rm{n}}$ada et al. is investigated. It is shown that the electromagnetic knots yield exact solutions of the conformal nonlinear $\sigma$ model different from those obtained by Ferreira. Conversely, It is discussed that Ferreira's solutions realize magnetic knots. The energy associated with these two kinds of knots are compared. The structure of the electric charge distribution and the electric current density associated with the magnetic knots is investigated.
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