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Machine was developed to finish ball to roundness within 12.5 nm (half a microinch) from any types of hard material. Grinding and polishing to this tolerance is accomplished by lapping elements on four to six motor-driven spindles. Spindles are adjustably spring-loaded to ensure constant contact pressure on ball and are driven by variable speed electric motors.
The development of models of tensor type for a digital simulation of the quiet, clean safe engine (QCSE) gas turbine engine; the extension, to nonlinear multivariate control system design, of the concepts of total synthesis which trace their roots back to certain early investigations under this grant; the role of series descriptions as they relate to questions of scheduling in the control of gas turbine engines; the development of computer-aided design software for tensor modeling calculations; further enhancement of the softwares for linear total synthesis, mentioned above; and calculation of the first known examples using tensors for nonlinear feedback control are discussed.
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