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Experimental results on the absolute magneto-transmission of a series of high density, high mobility GaAs quantum wells are compared with the predictions of a recent magnetoplasmon theory for values of the filling factor above 2. We show that the magnetoplasmon picture can explain the non-linear features observed in the magnetic field evolution of the cyclotron resonance energies and of the absorption oscillator strength. This provides experimental evidence that inter Landau level excitations probed by infrared spectroscopy need to be considered as many body excitations in terms of magnetoplasmons: this is especially true when interpreting the oscillator strengths of the cyclotron transitions.
We perform Young's double-slit experiment to study the spatial coherence properties of a two-dimensional dynamic condensate of semiconductor microcavity polaritons. The coherence length of the system is measured as a function of the pump rate, which confirms a spontaneous buildup of macroscopic coherence in the condensed phase. An independent measurement reveals that the position and momentum uncertainty product of the condensate is close to the Heisenberg limit. An experimental realization of such a minimum uncertainty wave packet of the polariton condensate opens a door to coherent matter-wave phenomena such as Josephson oscillation, superfluidity, and solitons in solid state condensate systems.
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