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The dynamics of the iron spins in YBa2(Cu(1-x)Fe(x))3O7 alloys (0 = to or less than 0.12) was studied by the means of inelastic neutron scattering. Measurements were performed using the time of flight technique with an excellent resolution of 50 micro eV, in a temperature range of 1.8 to 300 K. The doped samples show an elastic and a quasielastic intensity strongly varying with temperature. A spin glass like freezing is revealed at low temperature by a sudden decrease of the quasielastic intensity, an increase of the elastic or resolution limited intensity and a minimum in the quasielastic width. The freezing temperature corresponds to the one already determinated by a magnetic splitting in Mossbauer experiments. Above freezing, the occurrence of superconductivity slightly modifies the characteristics of the spin relaxation in the para...
Original paper from Mirebeau et al. PRL 83, 628, 1999 Comment from W. Bao et al (cond-mat/0008042, 2 Aug 2000 submitted to PRL, updated on 1 sep 2000
Comment: 9 pages, 11 figures, submitted to Phys. Rev. B Subject: Strongly Correlated Electrons Resubmission after referee's comments. Few typos also involving an
The ferromagnetic and insulating state observed in La$_{1-x}$Ca$_{x}$MnO$_3$, 0.125$<$x$<$0.2, is characterized by structural and magnetic anomalies below T$_C$, similar to those observed in the x$_{Sr}$$\approx$1/8. A neutron scattering study of the superlattice {\bf Q$_0$}= (0,0,1+/4)$_{cub}$ peak, and of the magnetic excitations are reported in the x$_{Ca}$=0.2 sample. The occurrence of this superstructure is associated with the observation of a gap in the spin dynamics, at a {\bf q$_0$} wave-vector ({\bf q$_0$}={\bf Q$_0$}-$\tau$) with the same modulus $|${\bf q$_0$}$|$ in all directions, which divides the dispersion into two regimes. For $|${\bf q}$|$$<$$|${\bf q$_0$}$|$ the dispersion is splitted into two or three curves. For $|${\bf q}$|$$>$$|${\bf q$_0$}$|$, magnetic excitations lock on acoustic and optic phonon energies, rev...
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