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The planned luminosity upgrade of the CERN LHC to the super LHC (sLHC) requires investigation of new radiation hard tracking detectors. Compared to the LHC, tracking detectors must withstand a 5-10 times higher radiation fluence. Promising radiation hard options are planar silicon detectors with n-side readout and silicon detectors in 3D technology, where columnar electrodes are etched into the silicon substrate. This article presents beam test measurements per formed with planar and 3D n-in-p silicon strip detectors. The detectors were irradiated to different fluences, where the maximum fluence was 3 × 1015 1 MeV neutron equivalent particles per square centimeter (neq/cm2) for the planar detectors and 2 × 1015 neq/cm2 for the 3D detectors. In addition to signal measurements, charge sharing and resolution of both detector technologies ...
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