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A calorimetric, dielectric and dynamic-mechanical study of the dynamics of the poly(t-butyl acrylate) (PtBa) chains has been carried out in a PtBa homopolymer and two polystyrene (PS)-b-PtBa block copolymers with different PtBa chain lengths. The DSC results show that the size of the cooperative rearranging regions is similar in the homopolymers and the copolymers, both for the PtBa rich- and the PS-rich regions. Therefore, no significant contributions are found arising from composition fluctuations in the copolymers. The relaxation map obtained from dielectric relaxation indicates that there are no differences in the temperature dependence of the α-relaxation of the PtBa block in the three samples studied. However, there are larger differences for the values obtained from DMTA experiments. Contrary to the α-relaxation, the relaxation ...
Nanoinformatics has recently emerged to address the need of computing applications at the nano level. In this regard, the authors have participated in various initiatives to identify its concepts, foundations and challenges. While nanomaterials open up the possibility for developing new devices in many industrial and scientific areas, they also offer breakthrough perspectives for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In this paper, we analyze the different aspects of nanoinformatics and suggest five research topics to help catalyze new research and development in the area, particularly focused on nanomedicine. We also encompass the use of informatics to further the biological and clinical applications of basic research in nanoscience and nanotechnology, and the related concept of an extended ?nanotype? to coalesce inform...
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