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The metazoan parasite fauna of Hippoglossina macrops   (n = 123) from northern Chile (30°S) is quantitatively described for the first time, and the role of host age and sex was evaluated. Twelve parasite species were recovered, including 5 ectoparasites (2 Monogenea, 2 Copepoda and 1 Piscicolidae) and 7 endoparasites (1 Digenea, 3 Cestoda, 2 Acanthocephala, and 1 Nematoda). The copepod Holobomolochus chilensis   , the monogenean Neoheterobothrium   sp., the adult acanthocephalan Floridosentis   sp. and the hirudinean, Gliptonobdella   sp. are new geographical and host records. The most prevalent ectoparasitic species were the monogenean, Neoheterobothrium   sp. and the copepod, H. chilensis. Among endoparasites, the acanthocephalans Floridosentis sp. and Corynosoma australe   were most prevalent and abundant. Prevalence and me...
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