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Projeto de Mestrado em Marketing / JEL Classification System: L83 - Sports; Gambling; Recreation; Tourism; JEL: M31 - Marketing
This study aimed to analyze the acceptance by the supporters of SL Benfica for a new service concept, in Portuguese football. To this end, were identified and selected a set of experiences, through the collection of information in the literature review and the Brainstorm, done in conjunction with the SL Benfica.It was also carried out a market study, which included a random sample of 198 members and non members of SL Benfica, having been used for analysis of data the descriptive statistics and even the Chi-square test, in order to identify possible market segments. Thus, the sample is composed by males (65.1 %) and females (4.8 % ), of which 40.4 % are members of the club and 59.6 % are not members. It was concluded that there is an interest by most of the sample for the experience. However, the experiences "Photo with the main team",...
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