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Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures; v2: modified FIG.1, new FIG.2
Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures, to appear in Phys. Rev. Lett. (accepted August 22)
The quantum localization in the quantum Hall regime is revisited using Graphene monolayers with accurate measurements of the longitudinal resistivity as a function of temperature and current. We experimentally show for the first time a cross-over from Efros-Shklovskii Variable Range Hopping (VRH) conduction regime with Coulomb interactions to a Mott VRH regime without interaction. This occurs at Hall plateau transitions for localization lengths larger than the interaction screening length set by the nearby gate. Measurements of the scaling exponents of the conductance peak widths with both temperature and current give the first validation of the Polyakov-Shklovskii scenario that VRH alone is sufficient to describe conductance in the Quantum Hall regime and that the usual assumption of a metallic conduction regime on conductance peaks...
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