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The decays tau --> 3 pi + nu(tau) are analyzed at one loop order in the framework of Generalized Chiral Perturbation Theory, in order to test the sensitivity to the size of spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking parameters, contained in the S-wave. The latter, due to a kinematical suppression, at threshold, of the P-wave, is relatively large enough to be detectable at high-energy machines, through azimuthal left-right asymmetries. This quantity (for the pi(-) pi(-) pi(+) mode), integrated from threshold to Q(2) = 0.35 GeV2, varies from (17 +/- 3)% in the standard case of large condensate up to (40 +/- 5)% in the extreme case of tiny condensate. The feasibility of such measurement at high luminosity colliders (e.g., CLEO) is discussed. This method provides an independent cross-check of forthcoming experimental determination of the two-lig...
We propose a method for implementing the large-Nc, large-Nf limit of QCD at the effective Lagrangian level. Depending on the value of the ratio Nf/Nc, different patterns of chiral symmetry breaking can arise, leading in particular to different behaviors of the eta-prime mass in the combined large-N limit.
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Comment: 6 pages, presented at the Sixth International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics, April 16-20, 2012. Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, Paris, France
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