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Comment: Write up of the talk at IAU Symposium No. 238 (21-25 August 2006, Prague), to appear in Proceedings of "Black Holes: from Stars to Galaxies" (Cambridge University Press), p. 173
Investigations of the central 10 pc of the Galaxy, and conclusions on energetics, dynamics, and mass distribution derived from X and gamma ray measurements and from infrared and microwave studies, especially from spectroscopy, high resolution imaging, and interferometry are reviewed. Evidence for and against a massive black hole is analyzed.
Recent observations and theoretical models of the Galactic center (GC) are reviewed. An overview of phenomena seen in the GC is given, including the stellar cluster, radio continuum emission and interstellar clouds, the Sgr A complex, and X-ray and gamma emission. Also discussed are the energetics and physical conditions in the central 4 pc (star burst or central source?); the circumnuclear ring, ionized streamers, and relativistic and hot gas in the cavity; the mass distribution and the possibility of a massive black hole, and the central 0.1 pc (Sgr A and IRS 16). Diagrams, graphs, photographs, and tables of numerical data are provided.
Comment: 8 pages, 4 figures, Accepted for publication in A&A Letters
Comment: accepted for publication in ApJ (see their pages for a version with higher quality figures)
Comment: aastex, 1 eps figure. Accepted by ApJ (Letters)
Observations of the Ori KL star-formation region, obtained in the 151.4315-micron line of (C-13)O using the MkII UCB cryogenic tandem Fabry-Perot spectrometer on the NASA Kuiper Airborne Observatory in January 1988, are reported. The data are presented in tables and graphs and characterized in detail. The emission detected is found to be consistent with 10-30 solar masses of dense gas at temperature 200 K or greater, or with two or more regions (optically thin emission from a zone at 700 K or more and optically thick emission from a region of high column density identified with the hot core).
Comment: accepted for publication in ApJ; abstract given here is slightly shortened
Comment: 16 pages, 13 figures. Accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal
Comment: Model available at: (http://www.physics.ubc.ca/~valiante/model) ApJ accepted
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