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The social, occupational, familiar and emotional changes during emerging adulthood, can affect adherence to diabetes management tasks and quality of life of young adults with type 1 diabetes. Aims The objectives consisted on the evaluation of behaviours and lifestyles, psychological adaptation and social support of young adults with type 1 diabetes. Methods This research included a quantitative study with 278 young adults with type 1 diabetes, between 18 and 35. Results Satisfaction with life is 6.6 ±1.7 and the several important factors in life vary from 7.2 ±1.8 (diabetes management capacity) to 9.1 ±1.4 (family), in a scale 0-10. Young adults have healthy eating habits, but only one third practice recommended physical activity. Adherence to insulin therapy and glucose monitoring is satisfactory but they present 8.7% ±1.6 as mediu...
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