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Comment: 17 pages; based on Carg\`ese lectures of 2006; to appear in proceedings
Comment: Based on a talk given at the international workshop ``Crossing the boundaries: Gauge dynamics at strong coupling'', honoring the 60th birthday of M.A. Shifman, Minneapolis, May 14-17, 2009; to apper in the proceedings
Comment: 1+14 pages; v2: comments and 2 refs added; minor corrections and improvements made
Comment: 39 LaTex pgs; 6 ps figures; Based on lectures given at Summer School on Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology Triese, Italy, June 17 -- July 5, 2002
Comment: 45 LaTex pages. Two references with comments added. Phys. Rev. D58 (1998) 094015
Comment: 14 pages; v2: References and minor remarks added
Comment: 13 LaTex pages; 1 eps figure; v2 some errors corrected; results unchanged
Comment: 64 pages, 4 figures; To appear in Ian Kogan Memorial Volume, ``From Fields to Strings: Circumnavigating Theoretical Physics'', M. Shifman, A. Vainshtein, and J. Wheater, eds. (World Scientific, 2004)
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