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Access to information is particularly of great importance in the field of medicine, an area which is quickest among the disciplines to experience the changes brought about by developing technologies. The electronic sources of information used in medical libraries provide medical library users with reliable, updated and rapid information access. Data professionals working in the medical libraries must be able to efficiently analyze information in order to provide effective and productive service. This study will review the electronic resources available at medical libraries and analyze use at Turkish Medical Libraries
This paper describes the foundation and development of the Koç University School of Nursing Library. Main explanations were about the collection structure and user services provided, through which the importance of a special library for the professional development of nursing in Turkey has also been stressed upon.
Medical libraries play important roles in classifying, storing and providing access to medical information. Medical libraries are in steady development ever since 1850’s. This study reviews the formation of associations among modern medical libraries, and also refers to the medical and health science library associations in Turkey. In that connection, a mention was also made to the work of the ÜNAK Medical and Health Sciences Working Group.
Throughout history, libraries have been the sole agencies responsible for the transfer into the future and for the preservation of cultural legacies. For centuries, they have assumed the identity of "protector." Once the keeper of papyrus in the archives of a temple, today libraries, in the effective environment of the electronic medium, continue to perpetuate their intellectual identities as protective agencies. In every period of history, in every century, libraries have gone through change but have librarians taken their true place in this change? Has this professional group, who collectively take on the important mission of information transfer, actually identified with the "intellectuality" that the profession attributes to them? While the terms "information specialist," "documentation specialist," "information scientist," "inform...
The increase in data sources that parallels developing information technologies necessitates information literacy. Academic institutions, the universities, which are the foundations of lifelong learning, have the important mission of teaching information literacy. Libraries and information centers are the formative points of this mission to develop information literacy. Libraries and information centers offer Information Literacy Programs that provide users with the skills to identify the need for information, access the right and most appropriate sources that will furnish this information, assess and evaluate various sources and arrive at a concluding synthesis. This study will examine the Information Literacy Programs implemented at Koç University Suna Kıraç Library by first defining information literacy, evaluating its relationship ...
In Turkey, medical information is supported at state level according to national policies. However, although the history of medical libraries in Turkey goes back to the 13th century in Anatolia, modern medical library applications adopted since the 1950s have not received much state support. In the past thirteen years a few medical libraries joined forces under ÜNAK (the Association of University and Research Librarians) to contribute to the organization and development of Turkish Medical Information through the establishment of a "Medical Working Group" in 2000.
Purpose: To review the status of national medical periodical publishing through an analysis of the Medical Database (Turkish Medical Index) of ULAKBİM, published in Turkey in the field of medical and health sciences, in terms of the webpage content of the electronic periodicals on the Index, their publication language, access particulars, their systems of sending and following up on articles, and the characteristics of the social network they provide. Scope: Besides the 140 electronic periodicals on the subject of medical and health sciences appearing on the webpage of the ULAKBİM Medical Database, the web page content analysis also included a review, in terms of 21 criteria, of 103 periodical web pages in the Open Journal System which is contained in the Turkish Medical Index. Discussion and Conclusion: The TÜBİTAK/ULAKBİM Medical...
The purpose of this study is to prepare a standardized list of abbreviations to be used in the abbreviation of headings in the medical and health periodicals published in Turkey. There is no standard for abbreviating the titles of journals referred to in the contents of journals that are printed or published in the electronic medium in Turkey. This situation leads to degrees of confusion in the publication of journals in Turkey. The elements introduced in this study may be used in the abbreviation of headings listed in national periodicals, particularly in those published in the field of medicine and the health sciences. It is hoped that these rules will be able to guide writers, journal editors, librarians and publishers in preparing a uniform set of abbreviations for journals referred to in footnotes, tables of contents and bibliogra...
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