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Comment: LaTeX with 2 eps figures, 5 pages; to appear in Mathematical Research Letters
Since 1999 we have developed Mokka, a Geant4 full event simulation allowing a complete reconstruction and energy flow analysis to evaluate the detector designs for the Future Linear Collider (FLC). For the first time the next Mokka release includes code developed elsewhere and committed directly into the Mokka CVS repository in coordination with us. It's so time to recall some Mokka main guidelines which should (or not) be held for this new Mokka era.
Comment: 7 pages, 6 figures, revtex. Contains some minor revisions from previous version
Comment: 5 pages, revtex. Latest version focuses on ladder materials, with a detailed examination of the role of Heisenberg-like coupling constants which appear in the Fleury-Loudon-Elliott scattering operator but are rarely discussed in the literature
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