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Economic and Monetary Union; monetary policy delegation: efficiency and legitimacy; accountability; responsiveness; principal-agent relations; governance.
Portugal; European Union; macroeconomic stabilisation; monetary and fiscal policy; economic reform.
Economic and Monetary Union; Bretton Woods; European integration; Werner plan; European Monetary System; inflation; convergence of preferences; epistemic communities; currency crisis; monetary sovereignty; Maastricht treaty; convergence requirements.
Globalization; Liberalization; European regulatory model and economic integration; Preferential trade; Global and European Governance; European Union; Single Market; Lisbon Agenda.
Economic Integration; Governance; European Union; Single Market; Lisbon Agenda; Open method of coordination; Liberalisation; Regulatory model; Growth and competitiveness.
Trabalho de Projecto apresentado para cumprimento dos requisitos necessários à obtenção do grau de Mestre em Novos Media e Práticas Web
A previously described D genome locus (Pln) that controls sterol esterification in the wheat kernel has been assigned to the short arm of chromosome 7 D by comparison of the steryl ester phenotype of euploid kernels of Triticum aestivum variety Chinese Spring with those of the compensated nulli-tetrasomic lines and the 7 D S ditelosomic. Palmitate is the predominant ester in all but the 7 D nullisomic combinations, which have linoleate as the main ester. These lines also show a marked decrease in sterol esterification and a two-fold increase in free sterol, indicating that chromosomes 7 A and 7 B do not compensate for the loss of esterification capacity associated with 7 D.
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