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Carta del diplomático y poeta mexicano Francisco A. de Icaza a Miguel de Unamuno comentándole que ha leído la carta que le mandó a Manuel Machado y los versos que le ponía. Le pregunta además cuando quiere hacer su sesión literaria o recitación poética ya que Antonio Machado, Enrique de Mesa, Juan Ramón Jiménez y Manuel Machado ya han elegido fecha.
Carta del diplomático y poeta mexicano Francisco A. de Icaza a Miguel de Unamuno informándole que tiene en preparación un cuadro crítico documentado de la poesía moderna mexicana, un libro en prensa y varios en preparación. Además le comenta que hace cuatro meses que publicó “Lejanías”.
Carta del diplomático y poeta mexicano Francisco A. de Icaza a Miguel de Unamuno recordándole la promesa que hizo de dar en el Ateneo de Madrid una conferencia correspondiente a Salamanca e informándole que aún no se ha inaugurado la serie ya que quería empezar con Benito Pérez Galdós pero lo ha atrasado. Además le informa que le enviará la nueva edición de su libro “Novelas ejemplares”.
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to investigate haemodialysis (HD) dose practice patterns in different European countries in the light of the European Best Practice Guidelines (EBPG) and to study the associations of patient characteristics and country with weekly dialysis duration. METHODS: Renal registries in Europe were asked to contribute to the study with individual patient data on weekly HD duration, number of HD sessions a week and last measured Kt/V. Additional items were age, sex, date of first renal replacement therapy (RRT), dry weight, height, HD modality, HD technique, diabetes status and vascular access type. Multivariate logistic regression was used to study the probability of receiving HD for <12 h per week. RESULTS: Seven registries contributed data on 26 136 patients on HD on 31 December 2005. Eighty-three ...
Background. Dialysis adequacy, assessed by urea kinetics, is an important determinant of patient outcome, and is therefore an important clinical performance indicator. In this perspective, renal registry data may be useful to compare practices across countries. To serve that purpose available data should be comparable and preferably collected using a standardized procedure. The aim of this study, initiated by the European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplantation Association (ERA-EDTA) QUality European STudies (QUEST) initiative, was to make an inventory of the different methods used to determine urea kinetic measurements in the light of the European Best Practice Guidelines. Methods. Via their national and regional registries, European haemodialysis centres were invited to complete a questionnaire regarding their practic...
Two semi-automatic methods for the detection of the left ventricular border in two-dimensional short axis echocardiographic images are presented and compared. In these methods, the left ventricular area variation curve is calculated during a complete cardiac cycle after the segmentation of several frames. This allows the evaluation of the cardiovascular dynamics and the identification of important clinical parameters. The algorithms are proposed as several independent modules. The results are validated through the comparison between the semi-automatic continuous boundaries and manuals boundaries sketched by a medical specialist.
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