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An overview of the LHC program is presented, covering the design, construction, first operation and very first results of the collider and experiments. Prospects for the discovery of the Higgs boson, and of physics beyond the standard model are also summarized.
The path taken by the LHC team to reach 3.6 1033 cm−2 s−1 instantaneous luminosity, and to deliver 5.6 fb-1 per experiment is summarized. The main performances of the two experiments are highlighted, in particular the way they managed to cope with the already high level of "pile-up". Selected Standard Model and top physics results are given, and the status of the limits on the Higgs boson search by each experiment is summarized. A brief overview of the search for supersymmetry and exotic phenomena is made at the end.
Recent realizations in precision electromagnetic calorimetry, calorimeters of LHC experiments recently commissioned, and developments for ILC are reviewed.
After an introduction on hadron identification in ALICE and LHCb, the presentation concentrates on particle identification and measurement in the context of high pT reactions in ATLAS and CMS. Muons, electrons, photons, tau leptons, ... are considered, both at the trigger and at the analysis levels. The role of identification is illustrated in some key physics channels (Higgs search, ...).
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