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The title compound, [Mn(C₁₀H₉O₃)(CO)₄], is formed by orthomanganation of 3'-acetoxyacetophenone at the sterically crowded ortho site. The atoms of the benzene and the cyclometallated rings are coplanar to within <0.018 Å, and there are no significant intramolecular interactions between the Mn(CO)₄ group and the adjacent acetoxy group.
Thermal reaction of [H₃Mn₃(CO)₁₂] with Ph₂PC₆H₄NH₂-2 gives good yields of [Mn₂(CO)₆(PPh₂C₆H₄NH)₂], an X-ray single crystal structure determination of which reveals a P,N-chelating ligand with each of the NH groups, formed by deprotonation of the amine groups, bridging the two metal atoms.
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