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Genotypic antiretroviral testing is now widely used for the management of patients who are undergoing antiretroviral therapy for human immunodeficiency virus infection. The assays are complex, and there is considerable potential for variation between laboratories. Informative and ongoing quality assessment programs (QAPs) which address all aspects of testing are required. The panel distribution of clinical material is a critical component of QAPs. We report on the results and data from a recent panel. Four cryopreserved plasma samples from treated donors were distributed to nine laboratories. Three laboratories performed testing by commercial assays, and six laboratories used in-house assays, with one laboratory reporting results from two in-house assays. There was complete concordance between results for 95.9% of the nucleotide sequen...
We describe here a novel strategy to enhance the in vivo efficacy of replicating adenovirus therapy, using coinjection of plasmid DNA encoding a fusogenic viral glycoprotein. The combination of fusogenic membrane glycoprotein (FMG)-induced tumor cell fusion and infection with replicating adenovirus effectively treats even large established tumors at doses of plasmid DNA and virus that alone are ineffective. Adenoviral infection appears to increase the transduction of the tumor cells to a modest degree thereby boosting the FMG-mediated component of the therapy. Simultaneously, syncytial formation enhances the therapeutic effects of viral infection by increasing spread of adenoviral particles through the tumor cell population and by increasing titer of virus released from the tumor cells. This effect is due probably to release of intra...
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