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Anahorish (from Wintering out) ; Bog oak (from Wintering out) ; Tinder (from Wintering out) ; The strand at lough Beg (from Field work) ; The Loaning (from Station Island) = Anahorish ; Un roble sacado de la turbera ; Yesca ; La playa del lago Beg ; La vereda / traducción de Ana Eiroa Guillén y Brian Hughes
October (from Antarctica) ; Death and the sun (from Antarctica) ; Matthew V, 29-30 (from Poems 1962-1978) ; The apotheosis of tins (from Poems 1962-1978) ; The hunt by night (from The hunt by night) = Octubre ; El sol y la muerte ; San Mateo V, 29-30 ; La apoteosis de las latas ; La cacería nocturna / traducción de Ana Eiroa Guillén y Brian Hughes
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