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The total cross-section of the $\gamma \gamma \to 4 $ leptons process is known to have a large constant value at high energy, but a complete and exact calculation of related differential spectra does not exist yet. However a complete study of the process is important at NLC for luminosity measurements or for background estimations. We here report on our various steps in that direction, including the implementation of a first new calculation of helicity amplitudes in a Monte-Carlo generator.
Comment: 3 pages, 4 figures, presented at the PHOTON 99 conference
The loop level lepton flavor violating signals $\gamma \gamma \to \ell \ell' (\ell=e,\mu,\tau, \ell \neq \ell^\prime)$ are studied in a scenario of low-energy, R-parity conserving, supersymmetric seesaw mechanism within the context of a high energy photon collider. Lepton flavor violation is due to off diagonal elements in the left s-lepton mass matrix induced by renormalization group equations. The average slepton masses ${\widetilde{m}}$ and the off diagonal matrix elements $\Delta m$ are treated as model independent free phenomenological parameters in order to discover regions in the parameter space where the signal cross section may be observable. At the energies of the $\gamma \gamma$ option of the future high-energy linear collider the signal has a potentially large standard model background, and therefore particular attention is...
A CMOS 130nm evaluation chip intended to read Silicon strip detectors at the ILC has been designed and successfully tested. Optimized for a detector capacitance of 10 pF, it includes four channels of charge integration, pulse shaping, a 16-deep analogue sampler triggered on input analogue sums, and parallel analogue to digital conversion. Tests results of the full chain are reported, demonstrating the behaviour and performance of the full sampling process and analogue to digital conversion. Each channel dissipates less than one milli-Watt static power.
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