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We create weakly-bound Li2 molecules from a degenerate two component Fermi gas by sweeping a magnetic field across a Feshbach resonance. The atom-molecule transfer efficiency can reach 85% and is studied as a function of magnetic field and initial temperature. The bosonic molecules remain trapped for 0.5 s and their temperature is within a factor of 2 from the Bose-Einstein condensation temperature. A thermodynamical model reproduces qualitatively the experimental findings.
We report the observation of three p-wave Feshbach resonances of $^6$Li atoms in the lowest hyperfine state $f=1/2$. The positions of the resonances are in good agreement with theory. We study the lifetime of the cloud in the vicinity of the Feshbach resonances and show that depending on the spin states, 2- or 3-body mechanisms are at play. In the case of dipolar losses, we observe a non-trivial temperature dependence that is well explained by a simple model.
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