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Comment: uuncoded PostScript file (27 pages). Hard copy figures will be sent upon request (saracco@bach.mi.astro.it)
Comment: 23 pages, 6 figure. Accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal
Comment: 20 pages, Astronomy and Astrophysics, accepted
Comment: 15 pages LaTeX file, 3 postscript figures. Uses elsart.sty and elsart.cls Accepted for publication in New Astronomy
Comment: 40 pages, 10 figures, accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
We present the X-ray data and the optical identifications for a deep ROSAT PSPC observation in the "Marano field". In the inner region of the ROSAT field (15' radius) we detected 50 X-ray sources with Sx >= 3.7x10^(-15) erg/cm^2/s. When corrected for the different sensitivity over the field, the estimated observed surface density at Sx >= 4x10^(-15) erg/cm^2/s is 272+/-40 sources/sq.deg. Four X-ray sources, corresponding to 8% of the total sample, have been detected in radio images with a flux limit of about 0.2 mJy. Careful statistical analysis of multicolour CCD data in the error boxes of the 50 X-ray sources has led to the identification of 42 sources, corresponding to 84% of the X-ray sample. These 42 reliable identifications are 33 AGNs (including two radio galaxies and one BL Lac candidate; 79% of the identified sources), 2 gal...
Preliminary results of early-type galaxies that will be part of a galaxy catalog to be derived from the complete Rosat data base are presented. The stored data were reduced and analyzed by an automatic pipeline. This pipeline is based on a command language scrip. The important features of the pipeline include new data time screening in order to maximize the signal to noise ratio of faint point-like sources, source detection via a wavelet algorithm, and the identification of sources with objects from existing catalogs. The pipeline outputs include reduced images, contour maps, surface brightness profiles, spectra, color and hardness ratios.
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