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[[abstract]]隨著人們所能接觸到的影像資料大量增加,影像檢索的發展是非常重要的課題,但目前影像檢索辨識率仍不夠高,因為有著低階和高階意涵上的鴻溝問題,因此,自動影像註解開始發展並不斷改良影像萃取方式和分類方法等等來增加影像註解的準確率,近幾年更發展出了BOW(Bag of Words)的袋字模型方法,此方法原本是用於文字探勘上,但目前很常被使用在影像註解的領域上,目前不少研究針對BOW做改良,像是SPM(Spatial Pyramid Matching Bag Of Words)就是針對BOW加上空間資訊所形成,這些方法中會用到所謂的keypoint,keypoint為BOW方法中所偵測出的影像特徵,目前少有研究針對於keypoint作處理,通常萃取的keypoint數量非常龐大,因此不但可能消耗CPU的運算且可能影響訓練的model結果,進而使影像註解效果不佳,因此本研究將使用一種新的非監督演算法叫做IKS( Iterative Keypoint Selection)來做keypoint的篩選。  IKS主要概念是利用距離來做keypoint的篩選,在IKS中認為在一定的範圍距離內只需要有一個keypoint來代表這個區域或物件,因此從原始keypoints中挑出這些具代表性的keypoints來實行keypoints的篩選動作,另外可根據挑選方法分成兩種,IKS1使用隨機的方法,IKS2則採用分群的方法來進行。  本研究採用Caltech101以及Caltech256兩種資料集來進行實驗,透過IKS來做為keypoints的篩選方法,並比較經過IKS篩選和未經過篩選的BOW和SPM所產生的影像註解效果,評估的分類方法採用SVM(Support Vector Machines)。  實驗結果顯示,透過IKS的篩選,能夠將具有代表性的keypoints留下,不管是針對較少類別的Caltech101或是較多類別的Caltech256,IKS皆能對BOW和改良...
[[abstract]]In this study, two issues were investigated: 3D game interface and 3D visualexperiences. For the first issue, eight users participated in testing the user experience of“Avatar-the Game”. This evaluation was focused on setting 3D mode and in-gameinterface, which contained usability testing and subjective satisfaction. Moreover, weused the results of testing and heuristic evaluation for improving the main menu andin-game interface design. In addition, we found some issues of 3D content design suchas focal distance and perceived depth.Accordingly, previous issue extended from the evaluation and improved design ofAvatar-the Game provided some view points on visual experiences. Therefore, wefocused on 3D visual experience and perceived depth. Sixteen participants wererecruited in the experiment examining the effects of convergen...
[[tableofcontents]]第一章 緒論 6 第一節 研究動機 6 第二節 研究目的 9 第二章 文獻探討 10 第一節 EIA商品介紹 10 ㄧ、 單資產連結 10 二、 多資產連結 13 第二節 蒙地卡羅模擬法介紹 14 ㄧ、 反向變異法(Antithetic Variates) 17 二、 控制變異法(Control Variates) 17 第三章 研究方法與模型設定 20 第一節 單資產Quanto模型 20 第二節 多資產Quanto模型 24 第四章 數值例子 27 第一節 單資產Quanto EIA 27 第二節 多資產Quanto EIA 32 第五章 結論 73
Chordomas are low- to intermediate-grade malignant tumors that recapitulate the notochord. Chordomas belong to the dysontogenetic bone tumors and appear primarily in the region of the axial skeleton. Chordomas are divided into conventional, chondroid, sarcomatoid and dedifferentiated subtypes. The different subtypes of chordoma have varied survival periods. According to the literature to date, secondary pulmonary and lymph-node metastases occur most frequently, followed by liver, bone and skin metastases. To the best of our knowledge, there has been no previous report of one subtype of chordoma metastasizing or transforming into another subtype with a different histopathology. This study presents a 24-year-old man with secondary pulmonary conventional chordoma arising from a primary sarcomatoid chordoma of the sacrum. The patient was a...
[[abstract]]Combining a modified Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and a feedback cancellation of nonlinear terms, the approach of engineering control can efficiently govern a noisy chaotic system. The methodology is easy to comprehend and to implement, but previo
[[abstract]]A 0.35-mu m SiGe BiCMOS variable-gain power amplifier,for WiMAX transinitters is presented. A voltage-con trolled variable resistor is used to control the gain of the linear amplifier. All open-collector adaptive bias is utilized to obtain high linearity
[[abstract]]A high efficiency SiGe HBT differential power amplifier with an open collector adaptive bias was successfully demonstrated. A novel linearizer consists of an open collector heterojunction bipolar transistor bias circuit and an MOS feedback diode was propo
A recent genome-wide association study (GWAS) of subjects from Japan and South Korea reported a novel association between the TP63 locus on chromosome 3q28 and risk of lung adenocarcinoma (p = 7.3 × 10−12); however, this association did not achieve genome-wide significance (p < 10−7) among never-smoking males or females. To determine if this association with lung cancer risk is independent of tobacco use, we genotyped the TP63 SNPs reported by the previous GWAS (rs10937405 and rs4488809) in 3,467 never-smoking female lung cancer cases and 3,787 never-smoking female controls from 10 studies conducted in Taiwan, Mainland China, South Korea, and Singapore. Genetic variation in rs10937405 was associated with risk of lung adenocarcinoma [n = 2,529 cases; p = 7.1 × 10−8; allelic risk = 0.80, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.74–0.87]. There w...
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